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Small Molecule Drug Discovery 生物制剂 Drug Discovery 材料科学 薛定谔 Online 学习ing

Schrӧdinger advances scientific discovery by supporting researchers with training resources that show how to deploy the best technology and practices of 薛定谔 software in their projects. By helping scientists—and future scientists—learn about molecular modeling and how to apply the 薛定谔’s platform to their research, 薛定谔 highlights the role computational drug and material discovery makes in improving human health and quality of life.

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大师 is the graphical user interface (GUI) that is used to access 薛定谔 software and is the backbone of the 薛定谔的平台. Because the GUI is at the center of the software, the first step in learning 薛定谔 is to learn how to navigate and use the interface.


Quickly get acquainted with 大师 with this eight-part series that demonstrates 大师’s tools.


Find resources and training material to get to know 大师BioLuminate and the Multiple Sequence 视图er.

材料科学 大师

材料科学 大师 training includes both introductory content and advanced workflows.

薛定谔 Online 学习ing

薛定谔's online courses show how industry-leading computational molecular modeling tools are used in drug discovery and materials design, and how you can incorporate these tools into research projects. In addition to utilizing modern techniques such as active learning and multimodal teaching, these courses will also provide a chance to work hands-on with 薛定谔 software.


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Schrӧdinger is proud to support educators with engaging the next generations of scientists, 工程师, 和技术人员. We are in the process of building out a repository of learning resources that will be available for teachers and students everywhere to use to advance their learning. 更多的 information coming soon!



Schrӧdinger believes it is important to support local community and to give back globally. We are grateful to be able to partner with several organizations to support STEM learning opportunities and professional development for K - 12, 本科, 研究生, 和成人学习者.

Previous outreach programs have included high school internships, 茎夏令营, 办公室访问, 教师校外实习期, and remote or in-person STEM workshops. If you are interested in working with us to hold a STEM outreach event, please contact

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Whether you’re in need of detailed documentation, a list of known issues or articles that help you learn more, 薛定谔 resources can lead you to the information you need.

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